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Contamos con el apoyo de la fundación Orange, con la cual desarrollamos una tarea de compromiso para acercar la cultura y el ocio a las personas menos favorecidas.


El nuevo album de Flamenco Jazz Company ya está a la venta. Disponible tanto en formato físico como en digital. Si quieres hacer una preescucha pásate por la sección de discografía.



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Welcome to the Early Childhood Education Research Collection, where you will find links from around the web supporting the Early Childhood Vision. A longitudinal study of participants in a Chicago public schools program serving preK through third grade students reported that at age 24 program participants had ... Changing early childhood education, page 4 Leadership in Communities of Practice Successful leadership emerges in professional communities where leaders NIEER conducts academic research to inform policy supporting high-quality, early education for all young children. How Do I Become an Informed Advocate for Research on Early Childhood Development and Education? Children benefit from research when it is used appropriately and ...

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The mission of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) unit is to provide leadership and support to schools research paper helpful tips organizations, educators, families and communities in ... October has been designated Bullying Prevention Awareness Month by the PACER Center (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) since 2006. The movement has ...